Fume Hood Table Top

Fume hood table top are specifically used for safe handling of chemical fumes. These equipments are best suited for clean rooms, food processing areas and are used in several research and development organizations, medical laboratories or for industrial applications. Weiber is counted amongst the leading manufacturers/distributors/suppliers/ developers/ exporters/ engineers/service providers of epoxy coated advanced Lab fume hoods in India for both laboratory and industrial application. Weiber modular fume hood design offers unmatched prices, specifications and usages for various laboratories. The Canopy Fume Hood, designed to vent non-toxic materials from large or bulky apparatus such as autoclaves, wall-mounted or suspended from the ceiling, built-in baffle to increase air velocities and enhance its overall capture efficiency and glacier white epoxy-coated steel construction.

Product Overview
Table top fume hood are specifically designed to provide work area which is free from all the potentially hazardous fumes or chemical effluents that may be emitted during the experiment. These are effectively used in student workshops, dental labs, microscope station, micro chemistry, micro biology and many more.

Table top fume hood have double wall construction consisting of on outer shell of steel sheet and an inner liner of corrosion resistant metal. The exterior sides of these panels are constructed of 18 gauge steel and shall be removable for the accesses of interior housing. Hence, the materials of these panels are carefully chosen. All these mild steel and custom made table top fume hoods are provided with sliding sash made out of special grade shatter proof glass duly framed in wooden or aluminum frame motion and counter weight based mechanism. The unit is even equipped with diligent heavy exhaust system, which comprises of dynamically balanced centrifugal impeller with high speed motor of approx 1440 RPM.

Air Velocity
Table top fume hoods ensures that the optimum face velocity of 80 feet- 100 feet, per minute is maintained with an accuracy of +10 feet/minute with the sash in complete open position.
Volume of Exhaust
Fume hood table tops are extremely capable of maintaining a constant exhaust volume. The maximum variation permissible due to baffle adjustment, in our house test procedure is 6%of the given volume of exhaust.
Noise levels
These microprocessor based equipments are extremely eco friendly, so there noise levels are extremely low. The performance of these fume hoods are rated better than other industry standards.

Testing Procedures of Contaminants
Fume hoods are specifically installed to decrease the loss of static pressure at a given baffle opening position. According to the standard procedures the average loss of static pressure at any given four points at ninety degree and 3 duct dia from the fume hood, that will not exceed 75 feet per minute at 0.25 inch, with full slash opening and face velocity of 100 feet per minute.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Light in weight
  • Low noise levels
  • Energy efficient
  • Flawless performance
  • Resistant degradation
  • Automatic & Floor standing
  • NABL certified and CE marked
  • Portable & mobile

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