Water Pump Bearing Manufacturer Delhi

ARB Bearings Limited are proud to be one of the leading Ball bearing brand of India.  ARB Bearings have achieved a new high by creating new ground of targets and quality.We are India's prominent engineering companies With a tremendous focus on manufacturing quality Ball Bearings and restrains on cost.

Much of ARB's success as a bearing  manufacturer is largely due to its passionate pursuit of quality of lower cost. With a tremendous focus on manufacturing quality bearings and restrains on cost, it comes as no surprise that ARB Bearings Limiteds is among India's prominent engineering companies. Headquartered at Delhi, the company was incorporated in 1990. It is run by professionals with over forty years of experience in the bearing  industries. With in a short duration since inception, the company has carved a niche for itself in various segments ranging from automobiles to industrial machinery to household appliances. 


ARB Bearings Limited
Contact Person: Madan Singh
Mobile No: 9811313212
H-22, Udyog Nagar, Near Rohtak Road, Nangoli New Delhi- 110041, Delhi, India
Phone: 91-1125471274 /
25471255 / 25186300
Fax: 91-11-25475455 / 25470126
Email: contact@arb-bearings.com
Website- http://www.arb-bearings.com