What is the need for Android development training in today’s market?

Mobile development is reaching new heights today due to Android technology. Android is the most widespread community of developers in the world. This is also because more than 70% of all mobile devices today work on the Android platform. Therefore, there is tremendous career scope for any engineer or professional looking to participate in an Android development training program.


The Android platform is completely created on the Linux kernel. Originally it was deployed just in the mobile phone space, but now its technology is used in low-cost flip phones and smartphones. However, the full range of Android services extends much beyond the mobile phone market. Android is useful for other platforms as well.


Development of Android apps


One of the main aspects of training for any aspirant is the development of Android apps. First developers need to understand the motive behind creation of the app. Its features must be able to help the user justify the creation. For running the app, aspirants need to have extensive knowledge of programming and coding. With the help of testing, it is possible to see if the app performs the desired function or not. Accordingly, the codes of programs need to be tweaked.


Shortfall of Android candidates


At present, there is a huge required for experienced Android-trained professionals. With the increase in the number of mobile devices, more and more programmers are being summoned. A large number of training institutes today are offering Android development training courses today, to cater to this demand. So once an individual completes this course successfully, he or she is guaranteed to have a bright future.


Android development tools


An android development tool is recognised to be a plugin which can set up various new Android projects. Android is an Open Source software, which means that its tools are available for free on the Internet. The Android Studio is a necessary Software Development Kit (SDK) which must be downloaded by all Android developers. The Studio consists of the Android 6.0 Marshmallow platform, SDK tools, Studio IDE and the 6.0 emulator system image that consists of Google APIs. To know about the minimum system requirements for Android Studio, check any Android website.




If you scroll over the Internet, you will find a large number of communities for Android. Each of the communities provides the latest updates and developments in the world of Android. There are a large number of developers with varying degrees of experience, and so each can offer his or her insights. Every Android developer must be a member of at least one of these communities.


For programming sake, it is necessary to know Java as well, which is used on Android devices. To obtain more knowledge, enrol for Android training in Noida at the earliest.

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