What are the top five reasons for which learning Microcontroller is very important?

By 2020, the value of Global Microcontroller Market is estimated to be USD 26.9 billion. The demand for Microcontroller is growing predominantly in consumer electronics, automobile, and medical fields. The Global IoT Microcontroller market is also taking giant forms in recent years. The IoT devices are integrated with microcontrollers and the current tread is to develop IoT devices with ultra-low power architectural designs. With great growth in Microcontroller usage, aspirants can register onto 8051 Microcontroller Training to pave a better career path.


In this article we will be discussing the top five reasons for learning Microcontroller.


1.    Integration with wide range of applications


8051 Microcontrollers are widely used in the world of electronics. Most of the electronic devices that you use have 8051 microcontrollers embedded to it. Here are few of the applications that use microcontrollers – Mobile Phones, Micro Oven, Washing Machines, Computer Systems, Automobiles, Cameras, Security Alarms, etc. With this wide range of usage, the market for microcontroller will continue to exist for several years to come.


2.    Usage of Microcontrollers in IoT


For most of the IoT devices real-time embedded processing is provided by Microcontroller Units and Hybrid Microcontrollers. Hence, Internet of Things (IoT) have formed a strong path for the development of microcontroller technology. High penetration of these IoT devices into the world trade, adds more fuel to the usage of microcontroller. It is anticipated that advanced computing processes will be made possible with IoT devices that are integrated with powerful embedded processors.


3.    High scope of Research and Development


The microcontroller industry is marked with the characteristics of constant growth, rapid technological improvement, and product life cycle with shorter time span. The microcontroller manufactures have the greater scope of research and development. With the updated technological expertise and knowledge about the market’s demand, they come up with advanced products.


4.    Inexpensive Usage


One of the big advantages of microcontroller is its inexpensiveness as they can be integrated into a single chip on the whole. When compared to general-purpose microprocessors, microcontrollers have lower specifications. This is the big reason for using them in mass production. Due to this, microcontrollers are ideal to build cost effective applications.


5.    Highly Flexible and Faster Execution speed


Due the easy embedded programming nature, the microcontrollers provides highly flexible usage. Though the Microcontroller Units have complex architecture there are special types of units that are small and more flexible to use. Also, fully integrated microcontroller devices operate at a higher speed when compared with the general-purpose microprocessors.


With these benefits, microcontroller technology provides good benefits to the manufacturing sectors. Hence candidates with microcontroller knowledge can easily get a good job with good salary. Also, the career growth in this field will be tremendous.


The aspirants who are interested to learn about the Microcontroller course can enroll themselves to the online 8051 Microcontroller Training program. Certified trainers will take you through the course for better understanding. You can also measure your understanding level by taking the Assessments and Mock test available online.

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