Why is Linux considered as a very popular Operating System?

There is always a question whether one has to possess advanced knowledge in order to use Linux or not. It is not a hard and fast rule that each one should be a high end programmer or a geek to work on the Linux Operating System (OS) as it is not difficult to use. Also, Linux users say that the Operating System provides a perfect environment to do coding using languages such as FORTRAN, C, C++, etc. Enroll to the Linux Training to get a better knowledge of the OS.


There are also many programming languages such as Java, PHP, Perl, Ruby, etc. with cross-platform implementation that support Linux. Also, the Linux users say that the OS takes less execution time when compared to other OS.


Let’s check out the major advantages of Linux Operating System in a brief.


  • Compatible with wider range of environment


One of the main advantages of Linux is that the OS runs in all environments such as desktops, servers, televisions, tablets, smartphones, etc. In all the environments the performance of the Operating System is undeniable. The systems that are used to manage the stock market mostly runs on Linux.


  • Secure operation is possible


When compared to other Operating Systems, Linux is more secure to work with. Since its advent in early nineties, Linux has been really secure fighting the viruses, malware, etc. Due to this reason, it was used in sectors that are highly confidential such as finance, military etc.


  • Many distributions of Linux are available


If you want to work with the flavor of Linux, there are many top Linux Distributions that use the Linux Kernel. The top Linux distributions that are widely used are Ubuntu, LinuxMint, Debian, Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Mageia, openSUSE, Manjaro etc.


  • Less Expensive


Linux is a free Operating System and can be used to develop free and open-source software. One can install any of the Linux Distributions on many number of computer systems with less or no cost. When an organization uses Linux Operating Systems for all its business applications, it will definitely gain high financial benefits. Because of this advantage, the Linux is enhanced with better management tools, highly-skilled Linux administrators and better vendor support.



  • Versatility, Fast and Efficient


Due to its high flexibility and versatility, the users are given with great usability and good grounds to explore new things. One other fact for its high usage is its virtue to work fast and effectively. From the startup to other simple and complex operations, Linux operates in tremendous speed. The Linux Kernel is big and includes drives, file system, scheduler, and the memory management. As everything is put in the same kernel space, communication between them becomes easy and less expensive.


The aspirants who are interested to learn about the goodness of Linux Operating System can enroll themselves in one of the best Linux Training Institute in Noida. For more information, check out the online Linux Training program offered by Multisoft Systems. Highly professional and certified trainers who will walk you through the course for better understanding.

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