Planning to be Software Tester? Know some emerging trends!

The emerging trends in technology have led to the increase in testing space in the IT industry. The introduction of Service Oriented Architecture, rise in cloud computing methods, and adoption of virtualization is giving the scope, the wings of possibility. This has made the testers to open up many new doors of specialized activities in the testing domain. This has also risen up the expectations of the industry experts and meeting them has become a challenge for the software testers.


There are numerous trends in software testing that are evolving in the industry based on the products offered by a particular business. One of the trends comprises of independent testing hosted by third-party or Crowdsourced testing. However, it should be noted that an independent testing trend covers a large horizon, rather than an in-house testing team.


Rapid Evolution of Software Testing industry


The testing industry has been shaken by an inclination toward the cloud and virtualization. Software testers have a wide array of aspects to choose from and focus toward the success path. There are a great number of trends that are emerging in the testing industry; thus, bringing a revolution in Software testing and make it evolve a fast pace.


Emerging Trends in Software Testing


Let’s take a look at the top emerging trends in Software Testing industry:


Mobile Application Testing: The surge of Mobile devices in the market has enormously increased the mobile testing scopes, like functionalities, security and performance of the mobile device testing. With the emergence of Cloud Computing, the usage of ERP based software has also increased and this makes the security of data as of primary importance. With the usage of Internet of Things (IoT), the testing is needed to be done in the mobile industry. However, there are many testing organizations that are working on it, yet it needs to be accelerated in terms of development.


Cloud Based Testing: Cloud Computing is being adopted by the organizations who have to become an integral part of the rapidly increasing IT mainstream. This shows a positive graph in the emergence of technology and the cloud based testing. In addition to this, the cloud offers an easy solution to the testers in comparison to other difficult-to-maintain infrastructures. The issues that are likely to arise in a cloud based environment, all are concerned about data security. As per some organizations, it will get addressed soon with the help of dynamic testing.


Context Driven Testing: While dealing with different software, it should be noted that same testing cannot be applied in the same manner at every place. This calls for the need to be adaptable, depending upon the changed context; hence, giving emergence to the trend of context driven testing. This technology is expected to gain fame and open many opportunities for the software testers who can provide the solution on the table, irrespective of any context or business condition.  


Crowdsourced Testing: This type of testing is strengthening its roots in organizations, as it helps the businesses to save the software development budget. This is best practiced in the conditions where the software testers do not have the complete resources for software testing under varied environment and testing scenarios.


These trends are a proof that the software testing industry is getting fame at a fast pace and with these emerging trends, this open up the job opportunities at an enormous pace. It is likely to give some very interesting ways to the testers to work with innovation and emerge as outstanding software testers.


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