Five Great Ways To Fuel A Love For Science In The Classroom

Here are some ideas on how to keep your class engaged in science. Try them and you just might turn out to be the coolest science teacher in town!



Pinterest: Students have active minds and they get bored easily. With all these conventional experiments out there, the last thing you’d want is to make them do something familiar. Forget books and notes for once and get ideas from Pinterest instead. You’ll be surprised by the number of innovative activities and experiments available on the site (they even come in a handy step-by-step format). Bookmark the site and you’ll never have another boring science day again.

Be social: These days, students thrive on social media. Incorporating social media activity into lessons would certainly grab their attention. Try asking them to ‘tweet’ a picture with captions, or even share their experimental findings on Facebook. Challenge them to see how many ‘likes’ they can accumulate for their project.

Another fun way is to create a class social media account and get everyone to post quotes, discoveries, funny and informative images or comics that pertain to science. According to a study, games are a non-threatening form of learning and they encourage more discussions and exchange of ideas.

Photographs: A picture speaks a thousand words right? Sometimes, it is better to let photos do the talking. Encourage your students to bring out their creative side: ask them to tell a story using a photo sequence or record the start-to-finish process of a science experiment. Students learn best from watching and listening. Instead of writing a report, get them to do a photo essay. Pick ten images that best represent their experiments, and ask them to follow up with captions.

YouTube: Being tech savvy can work to your advantage, especially when it comes to teaching science. Students would rather watch a YouTube video of something cool instead of taking down notes during a boring lecture. Be up to speed with your tech products. You can also motivate your students through computer games and simulations. When students realize that you are as tech savvy like them, they may be more interested in your class.

Jazz up the classroom: This idea might come across as cliched, but you never know how much a learning environment can influence students. Walking into a plain white-walled classroom with countless equations written on the chalkboard will only intimidate them. Get creative and throw some color on the walls. Hang up projects, experiments, photos and transform the room into a rocket shuttle if you have to. A science classroom should entertain, capture the attention of the students and drive them to want to learn more. Who could ever be creative if the science classroom resembles a boring examination hall?


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